professional services

The EdVenture Group has been developing and delivering educational content for over 15 years to K-12 educators and students . The following gallery outlines some of our most impactful projects and provides links to free resources for your use in the classroom. Or download our 1-pagers for each of our professional offerings for more information on what we can provide your organization. 

We'll manage the menial details, the day-to-day operations, the calls & constant communication so that you can focus on the big picture. 

Agile Program Management

All our programs are customer-specific, meaning we work with you to design and deliver programs that meet your unique needs & obstacles. 

HIGH-quality research & evaluation

We'll provide the qualitative, quantitative, or evaluative support needed to ensure high-quality data is driving your educational decision-making.


Check out our gallery of previous projects. For more information on how we could bring these projects to your community or school, contact us today. All programs are designed to be customer-specific and tailored to your needs. 

Who Took My Chalk

A school-wide culture training designed to elevate your school's productivity in times of change.


Technology Opportunity Centers (TOCs) was a statewide project designed to provide technical skills to WV residents.

Phase 9

Phase 9 helped train teachers on utilizing technology in their classrooms to create more innovative environments for students.

Nailler Learn2Lead

Learn2Lead is a middle-school leadership program supported by the Charles R. Nailler Foundation that brings leadership education to school students leaders. Check out their workbook!

WV Lemonade Day

WV Lemonade Day is an entrepreneurship curriculum for grades K-6 that focuses on teaching financial literacy and entrepreneurship skills to students. To access the curriculum, check out the website!

Strategic Planning

The EdVenture Group specializes in strategic planning for K-12 and higher education. For more information, contact Dr. Taylor to schedule a preliminary conversation about your strategic planning needs.

Transformative Tech Trainings

The EdVenture Group offers hands-on virtual reality professional development for educators to bring the latest technology to their classroom.

Inspirational Insight

Dr. Lydotta Taylor was named one of West Virginia's Wonder Women of the Year in 2016 and has delivered inspirational keynotes at numerous conferences. We'd love to share her story with your organization/students. Reach out to us today.

CS EdVenture Summer Camp

CS EdVenture is an engaging summer-camp with hands-on learning opportunities in computer science for students in grades 3-8. Funded by Google, an outline of the program curriculum is available below.

Simulated Workplace

The EdVenture Group works closely with the WVDE's Simulated Workplace program to bring opportunity to the state's brightest career and technical students. Check out their engagement website below.

After School Excellence

After School Excellence is a K-6 after school curriculum designed to engage students in STEM learning activities beyond their regular school day. For more information, contact Jennifer today.

Young Entrepreneurs in Action

The EdVenture Group teamed up with the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation to develop entrepreneurial videos and complimentary lessons featuring some of the brightest young entrepreneurs in West Virginia. Check out their videos at the link and contact us for access to the coordinating lesson plans!


MAUTC Peer takes WVU engineering students and engages them with K-12 to create an understanding of engineering at an earlier level. This engaging program features videos and online lesson plans available. Check out the videos and contact us today for the lesson plans!