The EdVenture Group is an educational non-profit founded by a classroom teacher with the sole purpose of bringing about innovative change in the K-12 environment. The EdVenture Group ​has since expanded to provide our unique process to students, educators, and the community in a way that inspires lifelong learning at all levels. Hover over the photos below to learn more about some of expertise areas and customized programs taking place in Appalachia and across the nation.


The EdVenture Group's CEO, Dr. Lydotta Taylor, published her school culture model "Who Took My Chalk™" to help K-12 schools manage transitions and deal with change. It is used in classrooms across the nation to analyze six characteristics of a positive school culture: student engagement, collaboration, goal setting, action planning, assessing attitude, and engaging openness. Today, Dr. Taylor is an expert in school leadership development, and provides customized programs across the nation to cultivate growth and success in any organization.

To learn more about the program and bring Dr. Lydotta Taylor to your school or district, contact us today.



The EdVenture Group provides engaging, hands-on youth leadership programs to K-12 students. Focused on providing young leaders the skills and resources to be effective in any workplace, these programs provide communication, teamwork, healthy lifestyles, social entrepreneurship, and community servanthood knowledge to future leaders.

To date, over 500 students have completed an EdVenture Group youth leadership program, raised thousands of dollars for charity, and served hundreds of volunteer hours for their local community. Contact us today to bring one to your school. 

Entrepreneurship educatioN

The EdVenture Group both leads and partners on a variety of entrepreneurship education initiatives. With a focus on elevating teacher understanding of entrepreneurship education in the classroom, the organiation fosters entrepreneurial mindsets and foundational entrepreneurship skills in students across the United States.

Initiatives of note include: EntreEd's America's Entrepreneurial Schools & Colleges Program, EntreEd's Fostering Self ESTEAM in the Emerging Appalachian Workforce Initiative, and the Simulated Workplace Entrepreneurship Education Pathway. To learn more about entrepreneurship education programs, contact Manager of Innovation, Amber Ravenscroft, below.


The EdVenture Group offers a variety of hands-on STEM initiatives for K-12 students and teachers. One of only 29 international Google RISE awardees for their CS EdVenture program, EdVenture is revolutionizing how Appalachia approaches STEM initiatives. In 2019, the team delivered their highly successful EQT STEM Days program, which provided STEM and career readiness programming to over 300 rural PA students via EQT Foundation funding.

In 2018, The EdVenture Group was a featured Title I Conference presenter on their integration of female students into STEM. Check out the full video of the session below, and contact our team for more information on how to bring customized STEM initiatives to your school or organization.

Family Engagement

The EdVenture Group, in partnership with WV Department of Education and a network of organizations across the state, operates the West Virginia Family Engagement Center. Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, this initiative is designed to strengthen family-school partnerships, leading to increase literacy and numeracy of West Virginia students.

The program will reach 100 WV schools over a five-year grant period, providing customized resources based on the unique needs of each school community. For more information on the project, contact Dr. Meaghan Cochrane, Assistant Director, and check out our WVFEC page for additional resources.


The EdVenture Group serves as the West Virginia and Kentucky partner for the REL Appalachia program. REL Appalachia provides education research services to a four state region that includes Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. As a partner, The EdVenture Group is a liaison for all state work. The organization focuses on student empowerment, workforce readiness, data cataloging, and IC map development. 

The EdVenture Group's research capabilities have made them a valuable resource in research partnerships and dissemination across the project region.