Leadership development

The EdVenture Group provides annual leadership development and capacity building workshops, like cMeLead and the Simulated Workplace Leadership Series, for West Virginia students. As follow-up to each program, our organization offers virtual training via short webinars on various leadership and workforce readiness skills. Each webinar has an accompanying challenge activity. Upon completion of the webinars and challenge activities, students will receive a Certificate of Leadership to add to their professional portfolio demonstrating their growth and achievement as young leaders in the state. If unable to access the videos below, check out our Google Drive folder for all materials.


What is growth mindset? Why is it important?

Join Senior Program Manager, Jennifer Wotring, as she shares insight into the development of a growth mindset, its importance to your daily mindset, and how to set goals for your future that encourage growth, grit, and perseverance. 

Thinking forward

What career paths are available when you graduate? Which will you take?

Join Education Manager, Matt Wolfe, as he discusses a variety of different options available to students when they graduate, along with benefits and resources to support pursuing each one. The webinar wraps up with an overview of leadership skills applicable to any workforce of the future. 


What is personal branding and why is it important for your future? 

Join Manager of Innovation, Amber Ravenscroft, as she defines personal branding, provides supportive next steps in developing your own personal brand as you enter the workplace, and provides helpful tips to boost your self confidence. 


What is design thinking and how can you utilize it for your future career?

Join Manager of Innovation, Amber Ravenscroft, as she outlines the design thinking process and how to utilize it for creative problem solving and program development. This innovation mindset will take you far in designing desirable solutions for the future.