A letter from lydotta

Reflecting back to 2001, so many moments of the last twenty years serve as reminders of the

many changes in our world and education. We’ve witnessed attacks on our country, a pandemic,

changes in education delivery and the applications of technology.  These moments have shaped

the work of The EdVenture Group and defined a path of innovation, determination and flexibility.


One of the most defining moments for me came as we watched educators and families find ways

to teach and learn virtually.  As we thought quickly and creatively about ways we could deliver our

services to those in challenging times, we realized that we needed to work around not only access

issues, but comfort of use challenges to provide children with the best knowledge and learning

opportunities possible.  From great grandmothers, to single parents, to those without a computer, we were

faced with a challenge and needed to figure out a way to continue to meet the needs of our clients. 

I am so proud of our team for their dedication in meeting the specific needs of our clients and to keep all of our programs moving forward.  Their innovation, agility, work ethic, and grit are the reason our organization continues to grow.  The team cares so deeply about the people we serve and the outstanding  partners that help us make things happen.  The caring we strive to display daily is an example of our resilience.  We help students, teachers, administrators, schools, school systems, families and communities learn and grow through a variety of different projects.  

Each project highlighted in this annual report reflects a person, a moment in time, or one of our projects that energized us and gave us hope that our work is having real impact. As we reflect on this twenty year milestone and look forward, we are thankful for our board, our funders, our partners, and most of all our clients.  We believe that our future is bright and that we still have much work to do.  2020 challenged us to do more and to do better, as it did everyone and 2021 is off to a strong start as we reconnect in person and build opportunities to continue to inspire others to be the best they can be.


We are honored to be able to tell just a few of our stories in our first online-only report, and we invite you to explore our work further and engage in the conversation with us on social media. 

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