Who Took My Chalk?

Who Took My Chalk Change is never easy, especially for school principals transforming their schools into 21st Century Learning Environments. The EdVenture Group would like to help make your job easier. As you integrate the technology tools and skills that 21st Century Learning demands, we can help your school adapt to the cultural and teaching style changes that take place in the classroom.

WHO TOOK MY CHALK?™ is a multi-phase program designed specifically for educators with administrator and teacher components to help you:

• Set the stage for adapting to 21st Century Learning in your school

• Accelerate the acceptance of new processes and skills among teachers

• Use innovative communication tools to enhance motivation

• Facilitate a team based approach to 21st Century Learning

• Help teachers develop skills to quickly and successfully adapt to change

• Learn techniques to manage challenges and increase staff commitment during transition

Our combined experience in education, consulting and organizational development make this course unique in its class!

The Importance of School Culture in the Advancement of 21st Century Learning Environments:

A Qualitative Study

What We've Done